12 important things I learnt before the age of 21

Some say that your mid-teenage years are the best and easiest of your life. Whilst I would prefer to be studying for my GCSEs than university grade exams, I’d have to say that my years as a stroppy teen aren’t exactly my most treasured memories. Although I’m quicking approaching my 21st birthday, it’s safe to say I’m still growing as a person, but I’m pretty okay with where I’m at.  I can’t cook  and I’m really bad at math, but these 12 life lessons have got be pretty grounded.

  1. Some people just aren’t going to like you, and that’s perfectly okay. Going out of your way to impress or even change for them won’t make you any happier. I struggled with accepting this until I moved to university, where I realised that you really can’t please everyone.
  2. Drinking wine and/or vodka is a really bad idea. I mean, I haven’t stopped drinking but at least now I know to expect stupid Snapchats and cringey stories the morning after.


    Wine is very bad idea.

  3. Cutting toxic people out of your life is probably the biggest improvement you can make. It’s easy to get into a cycle of forgiving those who repeatedly drain you. I spent so much time trying to fix the people who were bringing me down, and felt much better once I realised that sometimes you really are better off without
  4. Celebrate your flaws instead of trying to run away from them. I used to hate every little thing, from my pale skintone to my stubby fingernails. It was only as I got older that I realised I’m just fine the way I am.
  5. You’ll make bad decisions, but dwelling on them won’t help anybody. Learn something from it and move on.
  6. Stop being afraid of saying ‘no’ to people, and put yourself first. You can’t constantly put other people’s happiness before your own, so don’t make decisions based on what other people want when it’ll make you unhappy.
  7. Stop wasting time and do what you want. It’s so ridiculously cliche, but life is short. I over-thought everything and let my own fears get in the way of what I wanted to do. I’ve been so much happier just living my life my own way.
  8. 1510886_1267469559935788_8358969137390031280_n

    Besties xo

    Good things are always around the corner. I had a few lonely years in sixth form where I didn’t really fit in anywhere or with anyone, as my best friend (who I still love a lot) left before I did. I was so lucky to meet the best people at university, people who really get me.

  9. Never underestimate the love you can have for your friends. As I said above, I have some great friends who I truly love like family. I’m really blessed in that department, and they taught me to love myself, too.
  10. Caring for your mental health is equally important as your physical health. I used to ignore my feelings and anxieties, instead running myself into the ground. Since allowing myself to have these off-days, I’ve been able to deal with it head-on.
  11. Enjoy every second of your life while you can. Why be sad when you can be drunk and happy, dancing to old school pop-punk with your friends at Propaganda?
  12. Never forget to call home. Because at the end of the day, I have a great family. Even if I’m busy, I never forget to give them a quick call. Whether its five minutes between lectures or a long FaceTime with the whole family, it’s very much appreciated by everybody.

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